Power generations:

Protect hydrocarbon processing equipment from corrosion and wear, even at high temperatures: Hydro: Francis & Pelton Turbine runner, Guide vane blades, Rotor vanes, Thermal: boiler tube, screen tube, burner wall, exhaust Fan etc.., Coal Fired, Industrial power generation etc.

Steel Industries:

Protect machinery used in metal processing from high temperatures and wear in both hot and cold rolling operations: Tension and Steering rolls, Cleaning Section rolls, Furnaces roll’s, nozzle & elbow, Continuous galvanizing rolls i.e. Sink rolls, stabilizer roll, Entry-Exit temper mill components, Pinion gear box, bearing general etc…

Automotive & Aviations:

protect components against oxidation, hot gas corrosion, erosion, and wear: Aero engine’s Turbine blade & vane, Landing Gears, Engine, Suspension & Steering, Transmission etc..

Oil & Gas:

ATSPL offer wear coatings for various corrosive environments, decrease drill string trips, as well as, barrier and sacrificial corrosion control coatings for pipelines and offshore applications. Pipe, Rise, Pump, Valve, Hulls, Platforms, Storage tank, Offshore components etc..

Pulp & Paper:

ATSPL offer surface solutions to meet the challenges of pulp and paper production. Corrosion coatings on pulp digesters, and wear-control coverings with controlled surface textures for paper machinery such as: Calendar and embossing rolls, doctor blades, drying cylinder, M G roll components…

Chemical & Refinery:

Protect against wear resistance, abrasion resistance, erosion, hot corrosion etc.. Pump components, gate valve, ball valve, hydraulic rods, sucker rods, centrifugal pump, slurry pumps, chimney tower, reactor,

Other/General Industries:

Protection of sugar mill roll, metal processing, printing, textiles, Cements, agriculture, electronics, construction, machining, mining, rail, tooling etc components from wear, abrasion, erosion resistance Pump housing, electric motor body, bearing, shaft, sleeves, wear rings, farm blade, tractor components, aluminium casting for copper coating, plastic injection molding machine etc..