Flame Powder Spray Process

Alloy Thermal Spray Pvt. Ltd. specializes in offering flame powder thermal spray process in India. It uses the same method as the flame wire spray technique, except for the wire instead of that metal or ceramic powder is used. The material used is powder which is fed into the flame for effective coating of your equipment. In flame powder spray process, the gas fuel and oxygen are ignited to make a flame. The main reason for wide application of this process is it utilizes a wide range of materials, such as nickel, cobalt-based self-fluxing alloys, and ceramic materials; can also be simply converted into powder and gives a wide choice of coatings. In addition to that, many alloys are difficult to be used in flame wire spray, thus, it can be used in powder flame spraying process which is one of the advantages of this process.

Application of Flame Powder Spray:

  • Dimensional restoration
  • Wear resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Corrosion protection

Benefits Of Thermal Sprayed Coating Application:

  • No need to replace the whole structure, just need to repair it
  • Cost-effective method for enhancing surface properties
  • Better wear, abrasion, and corrosion resistance
  • Helps to extend the service life of the component
  • Improve Service Temperature & Electrical Conductivity of Materials
  • Reduce Down Time Inventory and Maintenance Cost
  • Increase Plant Availability and Productivity
  • A good number of service life extensions through timely reparation service life extensions through timely reparation.
  • Surface Restoration, Reclamation, and Modification.
  • Protection is better than replacement or repair.