Thermal Spray Process

ATSPL is integrated into extending the life of industrial equipment and components through surface coating. We offer exceptional thermal spray process for small to large scale industries. Thermal spray is a coating process that uses metal or compound in powder or wire form that is heated and applied onto a prepared substrate as a spray of droplets that gets hardened after applying to the surface to form a protective coating. This process ensures to restore and enhance the surface of the material. It can be applied in a multilayer to achieve the desired thickness of the coating. The thermal spraying technique is extensively utilized in numerous industries as the most preferred method as it is an effective process to extend the working life of components. Different thermal spray coatings processes utilized by ATSPL to improve the component’s surface and exteriors are High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF), Twin Wire Arc Spray–TWAS System, Flame Wire Spray Process, and Flame Powder Spray Process.