ATSPL offer TSA coating on vessel, spool pipe, cellar deck, structure by high velocity twin wire arc spray process.

ATSPL provided thermal spray aluminum (TSA) coating on PDO’s spool pipe, PETROFAC, KNPC, ONGC pipe & cellar deck component and more.

ATSPL currently have been completed large project of ONGC & KNPL at L&T Hazira’s work. And second large project ongoing for TSZ (Zinc Spray Coating) at UTCL-Rajula L&T Works.


  • Anti-corrosion application of offshore industrial components.
  • ATSPL provide onsite TSAC application as per customer requirements.
  • 99.5% Pure Aluminium wire used for coating.
  • TSA coating follow by standard specification.


  • Spool piping and flanges, Structure, Cellar Deck structure & Platform, Vessel tanks, Railway bridge components etc.
  • ATSPL have been covered >50000SqM surface area in TSA and >9000SqM surface area in Zinc spray coating.


  • Standard Specification i.e. Shell, KNPC, PDO, DEP for TSA coating.
  • Pure Al wire material use as per standard.
  • Result for TSA coating and testing: DFT & Surface profile as per customer requirement or standard, >7MPa Bonding strength.

ATSPL Thermal Spray Coating services of industrial components.