Protect hydrocarbon processing equipment from corrosion and wear, even at high temperatures:

Hydro: Francis & Pelton Turbine runner, Guide vane blades, Rotor vanes etc..
Thermal: boiler tube, screen tube, burner wall, exhausts Fan etc…, and Coal Fired, Industrial power generation.



ATSPL provide India’s largest thermal spray coating service.
ATSPL offered service for parts like runners, cheek plates, guide vanes bushes, guide vanes, labyrinth seals, guide vane sleeves and inlet gates.
ATSPL have ultimate HP/HVOF system setup with JP-5000, Hipojet 2700M for metallic, carbide and ceramic powder coating.

Description: Tungsten carbide coating by HP-HVOF process. We provide to hydro power plant components for wear and abrasion resistance.


  • Protect from wear and abrasion resistance by using special ultra fine sintered carbide base powder from standard manufacturer.
  • Higher Density, Bonding Strength, Optimum Hardness(1250VHN0.3)
  • In house, Onsite, Reduce oxide content, Time of repairing, improve surface life.


  • Turbine runner component, Francis & Pelton Runner, Guide Vanes & Blades, Hard facing, Rebuilding wear resistance. Crank Shaft, Sink Roll, Hydraulic piston road, Sleeves & Plungers, Compressor piston road etc…
  • ATSPL have been covered >500SqM surface area in carbide coating.



Description: Boiler tube coating by high velocity twin wire arc spray process in thermal power plant application. We provide this facility in pan India.

  • Preservation of water wall thickness.
  • Recoating is possible once the coating has become depleted in service.
  • Worn tubes with a minimum wall thickness can be coated.
  • Anti-adhesive coating properties reduce the build-up of deposits on water walls and simplify their removal.
  • Significantly reduced boiler tube cracking or other failures that can cause unplanned downtime.


  • Coatings undertaken on CFBC, PF, AFBC & Recovery Boilers.
  • Exhaust fans, pump components, coal-fired boilers, super-heaters, economizer water walls, boiler tubes, boiler installations, Screen tube and Coal burner wall of tube.
  • ATSPL have been covered >1000SqM surface area in boiler tube coating from different power plant in pan India.