Protect against wear resistance, abrasion resistance, erosion, hot corrosion etc..

Pump components, gate valve, ball valve, hydraulic rods, sucker rods, centrifugal pump, slurry pumps, chimney tower, flare tower, flare stack, reactor, reactor columns, and condenser-calendria etc…


Description: Basically SS316, SS316L, SS coatings requirement in refinery, chemical plants i.e. ONGC-MRPL, RIL, IOCL, UPL etc..

Advantage & Application:

  • ATSPL provide SS316, SS316L, SS coatings of vessel, tank, chimney, KV Valve, Elbow, Reactor inside-outside of components for high temp Corrosion resistance.
  • ATSPL have been covered >3500SqM surface area of SS coating in chemical plant and refineries.


Description: ATSPL provide Inconel superalloy spray coating in Gas and Refinery: i.e. RIL, IOCL Haldia etc..

Advantage & Application:

  • Inconel coating apply on flare tower, flare-stack, column, reactor tower components to protect from hot corrosion and wear application.
  • ATSPL have been covered >1000SqM surface area of Inconel superalloy spray coatings in Gas industries & Refineries.


Description: ATSPL provide Titanium coating in Chemical & Organics plants at onsite.

Advantage & Application:

  • Apply coating as per customer requirement at onsite in shutdown work.
  • Titanium coating provide by using Twin Wire Arc Spray process.
  • Such Typical application of Titanium coating on such kind of chemical and organics plants components i.e.: Reactors, Reactor Columns, Condenser–calendria, Pipes and Flange, Blades and Reactors parts.
  • Increase component life with nominal coating thickness. Cost-effectives.
  • Protects chemical plants components from wear & tear, hot corrosion, inside surface of components, high reactive chemicals and organics.
  • ATSPL have been covered >200SqM surface area of titanium coating of components.