Component failures that lead to stoppages are expensive due to the high volumes and efficiencies of production in cement plants. The use of surface coating techniques has been established for many years as a means of combating wear, breakage, and corrosion of cement industry components i.e. Bag House, kiln support roll, pinion shaft, cone crusher and mechanical seal, burner tips and sleeves….

Thermal spray is a process of applying protective coating on the surface of a moving component in order to increase the abrasive, erosive wear and corrosion resistance.

ATSPL provided anti-corrosion coating in cement plant industries. >3000SqM surface area completed of thermals spray aluminum coating in bag-house components.

The major benefits attained through the use of ATSPL protective coatings are: Baghouse longevity due to the elimination of metal loss, reduction in downtime, and increase in efficiency due to elimination of condensing flue gases lead to reduction in bag